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Trader of the Year Contest

Traders are quite different from portfolio managers. They speculate opportunities in the market and usually don't care about asset allocation or long term investment. They just believe their own eyes and nerve. They may trade with technical indicators, signals, or events momentum. Traders need to be street smart and nimble, with strong execution ability and stick to strict disciplines. 

  • Learn via Contest

The contest is a way of training and learning. Most people can start from swing trading that has less frequency but similar methodology with intraday trading. 

EHFA will invite experienced traders as our partners to share their techniques and performance in the forum. Meanwhile, we also invite all those who want to improve their trading skills to learn. The contest itself is a good way to organize people in a peer education atmosphere. 

We will categorize the participants to arrange the contest, so to make it fair for all level traders.

  • Trader, PM, and investment

Traders are smart people, and equipped with the knowledge that a portfolio manager must have. 

EHFA provides a place where traders can have a chance to explore their further potentials. These may include how to get chance of trading bigger volume, or how to deem the trading skill into an automotive trading system/strategy to have a chance scaling up the AUM size. With this contest, we are much closer to complete the map of Developing Professionals of Investment Management. 

The trophy of Trader Of The Year is for sure a heavy one with high recognition in this field. 

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