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Strategy of 2022 Contest

  • Who should participate?

Portfolio manager need to have strategies to do the job. Your strategies tell how good you are. This event helps those good PMs outstanding with their strategies. 
We will back test all entries and select the best ones for different 
categories. All you need to do is to make a clear strategy description and submit to us before the deadline, Oct. 31 2022.
  • Why should I participate?

The event is the first of serries. We will honor the winner with bonus and certificates/trophies. Most importantly, we will broadcast the winner list on the medias and promote the names to the institutions along with the event promotion, which brings more recognition and bring more opportunities.
  • Should I join if I am not that good yet?

Just join us in the forum and follow the topics. The important role EHFA takes is to help the newbies in this field. Even if you don't know much about trading strategy, it's a good chance to learn from others. There're enough articles and strategies shared in the forum. You should know them before you use your own money to invest. Everyone is welcome to take the inspiration in the event and start your own strategy innovation. It is cool, and not that hard with our help.
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