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Our service is designed to help start-up hedge funds managers face the challenges in fundraising

It is always challenging for emerging and startup hedge funds to raise funds. Many of them take years to get a bit of improvement while others may simply never make it. EHFA is set to help those with little AUM and limited resources. We consistently find and address the needs of our members and partners in the process of their business development.

Our services currently exist in two sections. One is called Hedge Funds Incubator (HFI), featured with a forum-based series of contests designed to demonstrate and showcase the members' performance records. The winners of the contests will get chances to be presented to potential investors with our arrangement. The other core service is a Turn-Key Solution (TKS), in which we help the members with a whole pack of solutions start from marketing strategic planning to collaborative implementation...


With all efforts, we help our members grow faster and healthier in ways most efficient and constructive comparing with any other methods available in the market.

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