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Why join the Emerging Hedge Funds Association (EHFA)?

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

EHFA’s role at quite extent is a promoting and marketing partner of the start-ups and emerging hedge funds. So you may want to ask yourself, is this a fit for you?

Let’s split the answer into two folds. One end is that you are the kind of person prefer to do everything yourself; the other end is that you do consider to have somebody help you out for marketing and sales jobs.

If you are in the latter scenario you can consider the differences between hiring someone in-house and joining EHFA.

Just like any other cooperation, it always depends on everyone’s situation.

1. In a best case you were the one renown enough just like George Soros in 1990s you don’t need anybody’s help, everybody comes to you. In many other cases when you want to do everything by yourself, usually it ends up that you stall everything that less easy for you after a while. Because trading talent is not always the same DNA of an entrepreneur, which is to say you can handle numbers easily doesn’t mean you feel same comfortable in everything else.

2. Otherwise there are fewer options you could consider.

a) You want someone in-house who helps in the marketing and sales work. Although many pros claim that smaller hedge funds can start from hiring “one person-for-all” you still need that one person. But hiring is not simple; if you are not lucky enough it may take years to find the right one. And after all you need to pay that person whether or not he/she is competent. It might not be a big chunk for those with bigger number of AUM, but the frustration does give you a lot of pressure that may impact your trading quality, or even ruin your performance records, which may cost your fortune and future. This still not mentioning that one person is usually not enough for a good result of effective marketing.

b) For those who have more than 20m AUM, a 3rd party marketer might be an option, but for those with smaller AUM size that not reaching the lower limit of the 3rd party, only option left is to grow organically?

c) Is there any option that you don’t lose anything and keep marketing move forward while keeping yourself focused on your trading business? Here comes the solution! With EHFA you don’t need to spend a penny and have someone take care of your marketing things... what you need to do is to focus yourself in making your trading performance the best you can and keep EHFA updated timely with your numbers.

d) Someone may doubt, what’s the catch? Why would you do so? It is true that even EHFA is a not-for-profit organization we still need to raise our team and improve our services, which need money. But as we stated in our mission, we are here to help the emerging hedge funds managers. We believe we can find enough opportunities to reward our investment including our passion and thrive… We may charge membership fee after a while when all members realize our value. By all means, our principal is that nobody spends a penny before assuring him/herself for clear benefit. This risk-free operation is absolutely worth a trial for every emerging manager. Isn’t it?

You won’t be regret and won’t lose anything; if you don't get anything after months, you are free to quit any time. Although we think our service is valuable in terms of cost-reward proportion, you can start from the points of risk free and flexibility, which is the basic and biggest difference from any other solutions you can ever get.

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