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Who Is SAM?

Updated: Jun 5, 2022

You work hard to monitor the economy news, but still lose money. You know almost everything about trading technique, but you still lose money. You made a lot of guess right, but still lose money. You know you should be greedy when people fear, and fear when people get greedy, but still, you lose money.

You know you should stick to the rules you made, but still, you think this time is different, and lose money.

It seems simple, but in a long run it's not. Because people are complicated and want to be smart. But the problem is everyone is too smart, even when they should not be. If you have emotion you will not beat the market, especially when you are a active trader. For long term investment? You know you are not strong enough to bear the pressure when it goes down hill to the valley, and maybe continue down to the hell.

So you may want to think another way. You should be wise, not smart. Find someone good enough for this. Who can do it without facing people's weakness. Who does it through a system that proactively avoided all the emotion-driving moment to make decisions. Who doesn't care too much on several cents difference when making a purchase or selling a stock. Who bases everything on regulation and won't change it until the system gives signal to upgrade. Who knows how it will perform when using any strategies. Who uses pattern to swing trade, not using hunch to predict. Who can still get 20-30% out of the market even in this bear market.

Seedorm Asset Management (SAM) uses multi-strategies to create outstanding returns for the investors. The best thing is that their strategies also keep the drawdown in a mild range. This makes the award-risk proportion in a high range of 5-20, which makes you comfortable even in some hard time as it is now. Their strategies have made consistent annual returns with more than 30% in the past several years. To let more people know the strategies performance, SAM also opens part of the strategies to the members in the forum on This give the retail investors a chance to follow the strategies and feel the difference.

To know more detail of SAM business, please visit:

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