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What EHFA can do to help the emerging managers?

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

We help to invite the right traffic to the website by advertisement, social media, code calling, attending events, etc. so as to provide opportunities to connect the funds and managers together.

As the funds need to comply with the regulation of the SEC. They can only solicit their business privately which involves huge amount of time investment. And afterall, even they spare time to approach the potential clients they don’t have too much odds to have positive result because of low AUM and low probability of matching each other with limited choice of strategy options. EHFA as an association takes the role of coordination and act as a bridge between funds and managers, saving a lot of time for both sides. On one hand, we help to screen the audience to make sure they are qualified investors; on the other hand, we help the investors to realize their real needs and find the best matches among different strategies and styles of managers.

To meet the goals above, EHFA start from doing such things:

1. We screen and categorize the managers according to their performance and records.

2. We monitor the managers’ performance and update to the oriented clients.

We may explore further and deeper services along with the road working with the FOFs, FOs, and our valued members. We believe the situation of current emerging funds will be significantly improved with our collaboration and cooperation. No one will need to struggle so much with limited resource of selling themselves any more, hence focus more and perform better on their main interests and the things they are really good at. Everyone will have healthier growing experience and need no longer to struggle for 5 or 6 years before getting a right track of investment management... Let's work together to make it happen!

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