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How to define Emerging?

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

It’s commonly believed that a hedge fund with AUM under 2 billion dollars could be called emerging hedge fund. Others argue about that standard should weigh more in performance instead of AUM, which makes a lot of sense when standing in the shoes of the investors. Is it meaningful to invest in a fund with a 100B AUM that doesn’t create any return? Or even worse, with a negative figure after all? The answer is obvious.

For us, when we talk about emerging hedge funds we do think about the start-ups with limited AUM who really have enormous up going space and potential, we also see the bigger ones with similar concepts of growing stocks. Whether or not it counts as an emerging one depends on whether it still grows especially in performance. Of cause if the performance is good enough the size will keep growing. Like the “location, location, location” saying in real estate, we can distill it down to three words as well, which is “performance, performance, performance”...This is also why we focus our service in tracking the performance of the members.

So if you have a bigger AUM, don’t hesitate, don’t be shy:), just come on in to join us. You are more than welcome here in Emerging Power! We will customize some services specifically for the members with different needs.

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