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How could each member get the most from here?

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

Investment management is a long term activity, so does performance tracking. When it comes to updating the clients for a convincible records everyone may want to take it realistic, be prepared with some sense of patience. It may takes months.

First, try to keep the number accurate; second, make consistent records and syndicate them to avoid any confusion in the future. Keep in mind that only when you have a quality updates to EHFA can we updates the clients clearly and accurately. Another important issue is to make your strategy clear on categorization so that we can fit you into the right slot of the target market and have a right comparison when necessary. Following is a reference list to remind the items to be submitted.



start/end date

week No. (submitted)



Simple, isn’t it? We may later create a data sheet for easier operation.

Emerging Power is the power of the members. We are building a right access to the right audience together, but it needs support from everyone, and it takes time. Everyone needs patience and persistence to work things out. The upper side is that every broker now provides their own record tracking tools, and they all work well enough to do the job. Take full use of them when you make your records and posts. You can do it! We'll make things happen, together!

If you have any question, please let us know.

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