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Founding Collaborative Sponsorship Program (FCSP) of Emerging Hedge Fund Association (EHFA)

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

Have you ever experienced the hardship of getting off the ground to set up your hedge fund? You are not alone. Many others like you could make a 20%+ annual return but can never grow it as a business. This is because of the early obstacles to accessing market capital. Therefore, EHFA came into being to serve the talented and desperate community in such aspects. EHFA is a nonprofit organization and serves the community for free.

As a community-based service to help people, we need a lot of involvement from people around this industry, social media, and the college students as volunteers. Although we are a nonprofit, it does not mean we can make everything happen by people's sympathy and philanthropy. So, we designed a Founding Collaborative Sponsorship Program (FCSP) to increase the chance we can payback, in the long run, to our sponsors and partners who helped us in the critical time.

1. For social media influencers, we hope you can help in forwarding our posts, setting up link exchanges at your website, opening blogs on our website for at least one year. It would be a great help for us in forming up the community. As an exchange, we offer 5 years of compelling location exposure on our home page, an exclusive category in our forum, officially announce you as our founding members/sponsors/partners, promote your brand in our newsletters and articles periodically. We would also love to open for other collaboration discussions.

This program fits a wide range of accounts, including the institutional and personal market analyst, trading educators, online communities for related crowds, fintech promotors, market signal providers, investment-related YouTubers, etc.

2. For content contributors, we welcome you open accounts on our blog and write articles around our practice and related industry. We will be appreciated if you could contribute more articles in the blogs with the topics and keywords around our core service (fundraising for startups fund managers), the targeted crowd (emerging hedge fund managers), and our practice's rationality. We will make a similar promotion arrangement for popular contributors. Collaborative details and conditions are open for discussion at any time.

3. For early volunteers before the end of 2022, we promise to put you on the priority list according to the timeline for future formal job opportunities as soon as our operation situation allows. Plus, we think it would be reasonable for you to expect more responsibilities with a record of participation in the program and early involvement experience.

With all the above arrangements, we hope we may get a good beginning of finding the

talented emerging hedge fund managers and start to help them make their dreams come true.

For any updates, please follow us @EHFA10 on Twitter, and visit our website at for more information. Thank you!

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