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Portfolio Manager of the Year

Portfolio management start from the moment you know how to diversify your holding positions. Even it might be only five stocks, it's a portfolio. You need the ability of analysis, strategy planning, and risk management to be a competent portfolio manager

  • The benefits of joining the contest

To increase the size of your portfolio is the target for everyone in this field. However, many people never made it. Because the price for growing up is pain. Instead of constantly polishing the techniques some of the early-stage portfolio managers turned to their inside to become a philosopher. Endure the loss or distract themselves to ease the pain...psychologically, it might good to health, but not a good way to become a competent PM.

EHFA wants to ask everyone to come out of the comfortable zone to confront the problems in portfolio management, peer study to each other in the forum, bravely reveal the problems and find the solutions. Eventually, the contest gives you a strong push and a chance to verify your management level's improvement.

  • How to joining the contest

Just join the forum and share your portfolio in the specific category. It could be from a real account or a simulation account.  You can update your account periodically. We will review all members portfolios every month, and announce the winners for different categories at the end of the year.


Don't be shy to share your simulation account with other members who might be big fund managers. People all came from that stage. 

EHFA will award the winners with certificates, trophies and bonus as incentive and encourage. To help the institution's recognition, we will categorize according to AUM and different strategies, real account and simulation account. You may grow from a simulation account manager to a real fund manager in our forum within several years.

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