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EHFA invites all new financial professionals and students with related majors join our events that cover most people' interests. All events results will be listed in the forum. Winners will be promoted with our newsletters and other promotion activities.
  • FAQ

Q: What are the rewards?
Bonus, certificate, trophy.

Q: How much is the bonus
We are planning to allocate one thousand budget for each contest, the final number may increase if more members would participate. We will update the new number in a couple of months if everything goes well. 

Q: When is the deadline of submission?
Although the deadline of collecting the final data is usually at the end of November or early December, most of the contests need a certain period of track record in the forum. So we encourage everyone to join earlier possible.

Q: Is this award helpful for getting jobs
Yes. Although it takes time for a contest name to be recognized by the whole industry, it does help to let the employers know your professional experience. EHFA is working on elevating the contests' recognition.

Q: How to apply? Is there any application fee?
Applicants need to join the forum by paying for one of the plans.

Q: How long is the membership? Is there any other events in the forum?
It's an annual plan, and it's valid for participating all the events/contests available in the forum.

Q: What events are available in the forum?
So far there four events/contests in the forum: Strategist of the year, Analyst of the year, Portfolio Manager of the year, Trader of the year. We will keep design new events that appropriate for our members and update the information in the forum.

Q: Is there any student discount for the member plan?
Yes. Students may have 30% off on the prices.
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