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Analysts of the Year


Analysis is one important capability for any investment individuals. Analyst is a respectable career. As part of our event operation, EHFA would hold contest every year to help the young people who have such potentials to outstand. We invite investment intelligent to participate the event, and promote the contest result to the public and the industry.

  • Who should participate


It's not about who you have been, but who you want to be. If you want to be an analyst, just join us. Even if you are not superb yet. We could make it together. Join us in the forum, and we will discuss the topics with the pros and make your first steps. When you become good enough, everyone will see it. The data will tell. You might be the winner!

  • How should I participate

Just join us in the forum and take part in the relative topics in the correct category. Share your analysis in the forum. We will evaluate every members contribution in the discussions at the end of the year and finalize the winners. The result will be listed in the forum, and will be broadcast to our institutional subscribers along with our newsletters, associate media partners, and other publishes. 

  • Bonus, certificate, and trophy

Every year, we will announce the winner in the forum, and reward the winner certificate, trophy and bonus. We believe that certificate and trophy are important for remembering the tremendous experience, and encourage you to keep improving in the future. Although we can not tell the exact number of the bonus yet, we would like to make it to help our winners with a allowance to take their families out for a celebrating dinner.

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