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Emerging Hedge Fund Association (EHFA)

Research shows that emerging funds have much better performance than the industry average level. Furthermore, as most of them would opt to combine their own capital with the clients', they actually have better risk management. However, emerging fund managers are much inferior in fundraising opportunities comparing with established ones. This partially due to their lack of human resource and fundraising experience, also because there's not an adequate platform for them to meet proper investors. Emerging Hedge Fund Association (EHFA) helps the emerging managers improve the odds of getting more market recognition and meet their real match, the accredited investors.


The forum is designed for people who would share their trading experiences with the members. We want to make it a virtual club for the traders, portfolio managers as well as investors to find their needs here. It is to accommodate the main purpose of the association, which is connecting talented professionals to investors. 

Emerging-Pros List

  • Our core service is to build and manage a dynamic list of quality startups that meets the following requests:

    • they must be start-ups, with AUM under 10 million USD but no less than 2 million

    • the manager has more than three years of solid records of portfolio management with over 20% average annual return

    • the manager must be experienced in managing portfolios with proper size and has an established risk management strategy 

    • the manager has a strategy that is tested as sustainable and scalable

  • The management and maintenance of the list​

    • we have a committee to overlook the list management, dynamically adjust the qualification according to the following rules​

      • members need to constantly fulfill the above request for an annual return​ of 20% or above

      • members need to constantly show their capability to compliant with the preset risk control policies

      • organize proper research and analysis to support the members in the list

      • search and funnel new members to be listed 

    • Our goal is to keep the list's quality and ready to receive and manage funds from our clients at any minute.​

  • The benefits of getting listed

    • getting fund dedication​

    • getting more exposure via our promotion and marketing operation

    • getting other support from the association

We hope that this list will be a hallmark of qualified start-ups and become a must-see for any investors in the long run.

If you think you are qualified, please contact us to become a listed member today.

Our Mission
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Connecting emerging hedge funds with accredited investors.

EHFA is a nonprofit organization. If you want to join the list, be our sponsor, or have any questions, please contact us by filling up the form underneath. We will get back to you soonest possible.


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